Welcome to Purple Healing!

My name is Sharlot Clark. I work to "speak your language" in my counselling, so I can empower you with tools to effectively address your issues.

My approach is:
  • Queer-friendly. Bi, lesbian, pansexual, gay .... I respect and welcome all sexual orientations involving informed consent between adults.
  • Poly-friendly. Polyamory - ethical, consensual non-monogamy - can be a healthy relationship style with its own unique challenges and rewards.
  • Trans-friendly. It's time to move past simplistic notions of biology, sex and gender: there are a multitude of ways of experiencing and expressing a multitude of gender identities.
  • Kink-friendly. Kink/BDSM based on the informed consent of all parties can be part of a healthy, respectful, loving relationship.
  • Sex-worker-friendly. My counselling is about providing support to help you address the issues of concern to you - not judgmental moralising about your work.
  • Fat-accepting. I strongly oppose fat stigma and fat shaming, and instead support Health At Every Size.
  • Feminist. Women and women's lives have value in their own right, independently of men and the male world.
  • Sex-positive. Human sexuality is not something best avoided or 'transcended'. It's something that can be celebrated and integrated into one's life in a way beneficial to both oneself and others.

If you'd like to learn more about me, please read my biography page.

My practice is located in Thornbury, Melbourne, Australia. However, I also provide counselling via video/voice services (e.g. Skype) where necessary and/or appropriate.

For further information, or to make an appointment, please contact me.