Welcome to Purple Healing! My name is Sharlot Clark. I work to "speak your language" in my counselling, so I can empower you with tools to effectively address your issues.

My approach is:
  • Queer-friendly – Bi, lesbian, pansexual, gay
  • Poly-friendly – Polyamory - ethical, consensual non-monogamy
  • Trans-friendly – Beyond simple notions of biology, sex and gender
  • Kink-friendly – I understand what BDSM can add to a relationship and what helps keep it safe, sane and consensual
  • Sex-worker-friendly – I offer informed, non-judgemental support
  • Fat-accepting – Health At Every Size
  • Feminist – Valuing women and our challenges in a male-oriented world
  • Sex-positive – Celebrating sexuality not avoiding it

My story on my biography page explains a lot of how I came to hold these values.

Relationship counselling

I believe all relationships begin with individuals understanding themselves and their needs. When individuals understand themselves they can better communicate and connect with partners. I offer relationship counselling for polyamorous tribes/polycules or couples, whether same-sex, opposite-sex or gender-complicated.

Gender/Sexual Identity Counselling

My partners are transgendered and I have a solid understanding of various gender issues including transition, identity questioning, and telling the family. I'm also keen to listen to you about your individual perspective, as I understand everyone is different.

Life Purpose & Career Counselling

Where is your life going? Are you in a career that'll keep you happy? I can help you explore these questions and suggest strategies for discovering how to live a life of connection and meaning.

Grief Counselling

If a family member has died, naturally I can help you work through that. But don't dismiss other kinds of grief. Pets are family members too, and their loss can be difficult to process. A family member "coming out of the closet" as queer or transgendered can also feel like a loss. I can help guide you through.

Stress Management

Feeling under pressure? Work or family life pushing your buttons? I can offer effective tools and techniques to help prioritise and lessen the load, and to minimise the effects of the stress that remains.

Location & Contact

My practice is located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I also provide counselling via video/voice services (e.g. Skype) where appropriate.

For further information, or to make an appointment, please contact me.

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Note: We do not provide psychological or psychiatric services, such as mental health diagnoses.