Bereavement of a pet is as “real” and impactful as any other significant loss of a loved one. Although the experience is different for us all, the feelings of grief and loss are often the same as when we experience the loss of a human companion from our lives.

As Pet Guardians, we view our charges as family members, they are our “fur babies” and “feathered kids”, we consciously or un- consciously feel them to be as significant in our day to day lives as anyone else. They enrich our lives, sometimes being our rea- son to get out for walks each day or the only person we talk to in a day.

Grief and loss is very real for pet guardians, and deserves to be treated as important as any loss through permanent separation, ill- ness and death of any significant being in our lives.

A Pet Bereavement Counsellor is a good choice of a “good listener” someone who hears and sees the pain with compassion not judgment. They are a person who will set aside the time to be with you and feel no burden listening to you talk about your pet and the loss you feel, with busy lives, friends and family may not be in a position to offer the same.

PADS is intended for those of us who have lost our beloved pets due to death. It is somewhere we can gather away from the main business of various lists so that we can share our stories about the life we shared with our pets and our bereavement, with any emotions that come with - and in doing so, we can if we choose, support each other in the process!

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