I offer:
I can't offer:

I believe life starts with understanding yourself: interactions, needs and paths to contentment all begin there.

Therefore, with relationship coaching and counselling I make sure to see everyone individually first, before I see groups so that I can begin with the self.

I find many people just require relationship coaching: communication strategies, techniques around negotiating needs and boundaries and relationship agreements.

For all counselling, my approach is:

  • Queer-friendly – Bi, lesbian, pansexual, gay, asexual, demisexual and beyond
  • Poly-friendly – Polyamory - ethical, consensual non-monogamy
  • Trans-friendly – Beyond simple notions of biology, sex and gender
  • Kink-friendly – I understand what BDSM can add to a relationship and what helps keep it safe, sane and consensual
  • Sex-workerfriendly – I offer informed, non-judgemental support
  • Fat-accepting – Health At Every Size
  • Feminist – Valuing women and our challenges in a male-oriented world
  • Sex-positive – Celebrating sexuality not avoiding it