Books - Academic

Becoming Visible: Counselling Bisexuals Across the Lifespan, edited by Beth A. Firestein

"Becoming Visible offers cutting-edge psychological perspectives on bisexual and queer identities and the cultural and mental health issues facing bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, and questioning individuals and their partners. Essential for any professional seeking to provide "best practice" services to this population, Becoming Visible addresses the therapeutic needs of bisexuals at every stage of the life cycle. This volume explores why some people resist identity labels and what bisexual men and women consider exemplary and harmful in their therapeutic experiences. It also helps practitioners distinguish between the stresses brought on by being part of a sexual minority and the clinical symptoms that indicate serious mental health issues. It includes research on ethnic minority bisexuals, youth, elders, gender-variant individuals, and bisexuals engaging in alternative lifestyles and sexual practices such as polyamory and BDSM."

Safe, Sane and Consensual: Contemporary Perspectives on Sadomasochism, edited by Meg Barker and Darren Langdridge

"Psychological and medical perspectives on sadomasochism have historically been concerned with understanding it as a form of psychopathology. In the past (but still often today) studies of S/M have been concerned with extreme and most often non-consensual acts. However, more recently there has been growing interest in exploring the meaning of S/M in non-pathological ways. This book directly addresses this development, presenting some of the most recent cutting edge work on S/M by leading international scholars who all seek to understand rather than pathologise. This includes the latest thinking on theory and practice, academic-community pieces, as well as the presentation of new empirical findings across the range of identities and practices that constitute S/M."

Academic & Other Articles - Kink

"BDSM Practitioners Healthier Than 'Vanilla' People"

"Demographic and Psychosocial Features of Participants in Bondage and Discipline, 'Sadomasochism' or Dominance and Submission (BDSM): Data from a National Survey" , by Richters, J., de Visser, R.O., Rissel, C.E., Grulich, A.E., Smith, A.M.A. (2008). Journal of Sexual Medicine, 5 (7) pp. 1660-1668.

"Kinky Clients, Kinky Counselling? The challenges and potentials of BDSM", by Meg Barker

"The New Yoga? Sadomasochism Leads to Altered States, Study Finds"

"Spank you very much: Is S&M dangerous? Let's look at the evidence."

"Psychotherapeutic Issues with "Kinky" Clients: Clinical Problems, Yours and Theirs", by Margeret Nichols

Academic & Other Articles - Polyamory

"What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory"

"Therapy with Clients Who Are Bisexual and Polyamorous"

Academic & Other Articles - Misc

"Psychotherapy's benefits for depression"

"Psychotherapy lags as evidence goes unheeded"

"Psychotherapy via the Internet as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations"

"The skills that make us a good partner make us a good parent"

"What Therapists Can Learn from Placebos"